Bringing a new idea to the market starts with developing three deliverables: prototypes, protection and a business plan. Once you have those, the next step can vary, either sell your idea, go for crowdfunding or attract investors.

A working prototype is essential to start interacting with key customers as soon as possible, and this interaction is needed to understand the market and write a business plan. Such a prototype should be cheap and easy to adapt, a minimal working example.

I can help with building prototypes based on development boards that can be extended with custom hardware when needed. Thanks to 3D printing,  parts and enclosures for prototypes can be made quickly. In most cases it is possible to start with of the shelve hardware solutions and clever software.

Protection usually means a patent. In some cases the cost for a patent can be postponed, if the technology behind the prototype is not obvious. A NDA can be sufficient to interact with clients in an early stage.

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